Marketing Strategy & Planning Services

Pragmatic. Detailed. Actionable.

We enable B2B companies to get the benefits of a chief marketing officer (and marketing team) for a fraction of the cost. Over the last 30 years, we’ve established a system of tools and practices that accelerate sales velocity for clients. Our pragmatic approach identifies the top levers that will dramatically move the needle for your company.

Marketing Opportunity Assessment

A comprehensive audit of every dimension of your marketing, including positioning, demand generation, lead acquisition, lead conversion, lead nurturing, customer health tracking and marketing team composition.

Flash Diligence (for VC & PE firms)

This is a “time-boxed” Marketing Opportunity Assessment that is completed in 2-5 days. It reveals what the company is doing right and wrong in marketing. It enables investors to understand the magnitude of a company’s upside potential based on improvements in marketing.

Positioning & Messaging

Is your value proposition clear and optimized? If it isn’t, sales and marketing are going to be spinning their wheels…and most importantly, customers won’t buy.

Demand Generation Strategy

Is Sales happy with the leads they’re getting? Is your marketing team investing in the right  tactics? Can your team measure the ROI on their marketing? Where are the areas for greatest improvement to lead volume?

Customer Analysis

Have you ever had an objective outsider call your customers? Are they happy? Are you missing opportunities to sell them more? Is your product roadmap aligned with their needs?

Competitive Analysis

How do customers perceive your competitors? How does competitor pricing compare to yours? Where are competitors’ product strengths and weaknesses?

Marketing Org Structure & Roles

Do you have the right people in the right roles? what should you marketing team look like today and tomorrow? what are the position descriptions & salaries for each role?

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