What do we mean by ‘outrageous’?  Glad you asked!  We look for solutions to marketing problems that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money. You’ld be amazed at what a little ole fashioned creativity can do for your business. Here are some examples from our past:


Reinvisioning Events

We turned a sleepy user conference into a industry ‘must attend’ event featuring the who’s who in the software industry. Seventeen of the top journalists attended providing us with a tremendous amount of buzz that helped reinvigorate the company’s brand. And who says marketing has to be expensive? We turned this event into a profit center reversing margin decline from -40% to +32%.

Why Pay for Leads?

We created a lead generation program that only cost $3K and became the #1 source of leads for this public company. The best part of this program was that leads continued to flow in for years without any additional expense or work on anyone’s behalf. Just ‘set it and forget it’.

Stimulating Renewals

The company was sitting on a massive database of old customers that weren’t generating any revenue. We created a non-spammy way to stay on the customers’ radar and increase renewal rates… once the program was set up, it ran with virtually no expense. We stayed top-of-mind with customers and renewals jumped accordingly.’.

Plugging the Leak

One client was in desperate need of more SMB customers. Instead of blindly throwing money at lead acquisition, we did some due diligence. It turned out they were getting a fair number of companies registering but few were generating revenue. Prospects were essentially leaking out of the funnel. We put automated programs in place to coax prospects through the buying process. The net result was a 40% increase in conversions, and revenues. Now, we can’t promise that the best solutions for your business will be expense-free, but we can guarantee that we will evaluate all options from the perspective of maximizing your ROI.