PROJECT: Marketing Strategy, Execution & Automation

As our contract CMO, Daniel and team built a B2B SaaS marketing program that fits our high-velocity business – deeply instrumented and automated (Marketo / Salesforce), focused (demand gen and targeted AR/PR), and strategic (building a platform for growth). Daniel’s analytical coverage extends across our entire funnel from traffic to revenue, working as well with front-end designers as with backend sales operations folks – a rare combination of startup funnel hacker and seasoned marketing exec (who’s led marketing for no less than 3 public companies)!

Daniel isn’t afraid to gently challenge assumptions to drive deeper discussions and growth within a management team, and he operates with a poise and grace you don’t see very often in the startup world. We were introduced by one of our investors, but sold on our discussions with the CEOs he’d worked for previously, whose teams also found themselves levelling up to meet Daniel’s reasoned and measured approach. We’re a better team just for having worked with him and his team.

Dug Song, CEO